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The top 5 mobile casino apps to satiate your hunger for gambling!

You could be an inadvertently habitual gambler, but, sadly it’s hard to find great casinos everywhere. After all, not every city is like London! This calls for the need to find out something easier, wherein you could spend your time, getting your “fix”. This need led to the creation of this list based rendition of the top 5 mobile casinos apps. These apps are easy to download from your phone and work very well. If they wouldn’t, then they would not have made the cut!

1. BGO Vegas.
This game started out as an exclusive online game. But, due to the vehemently vocal demand from their users, it has been released on the mobile platform too. You may get stumped by the 20 free spins that the app provides you at the start, but there is a lot more to BGO than meets the eye!

They are great at keeping their players hooked onto the game. When you sign up for BGO vegas, you are given 20 free spins. Splurge them all you like, as there are many more free ones to be had every week!

Availability: Android and iOS.

2. Party Casino.
Having been relaunched in 2016 in a whole new avatar, this app has something to offer to all kinds of gamers. Slots are known to be party casino’s forte, with various varieties like Starburst and Gonzo’s quest at the user’s disposal!

Due to the constant update in content, with the addition of newer games like Game of thrones and Castle Builder. You could be sure of being at the edge of your seats, every time!

Availability: Android.

3. Big win Slots.
Big win slots have created quite a repute amongst its many users. This is basically attributed to the kind of no-nonsense games that they promote on the platform. Sticking to all the Las-Vegas rules, and banning players for tampering with the system, are just some added bonuses!

They make certain that their themes change monthly, in an attempt to keep the platform fresh for the users. After all, it’s very easy to get bored of looking at the same thing every day, isn’t it?

Availability: Android and iOS.

4. Big Fish Casino.
Coming from a gaming giant like Big Fish, the game was bound to impress, and it rightly does too! With the many variations to choose from, like blackjacks, poker, slots, craps etc. You could be sure of playing something new every day. This application is great for casual players, though not so much for veterans.

Availability: Andoird and iOS.

5. Zynga Poker.
The platform for Zynga is quite the looker! They have created their game in such a way that it’s easily accessbile to the users. You are given 20,000 chips to start with, at the creation of your account. But, make sure that you don’t splurge them all too quickly! After all, you would want to play against as many players as possible. Don’t worry with more than 6 million players logging in every day, you are bound to see variety!

Availability: Android and iOS.

Online casinos make for a great way to pass your time, and also help you in satiating the gambling bug. Try out some of the games mentioned above, and while away that free time!

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